Directory of North American Clavichord Builders (click  names  for websites)

In addition, a list of possible sources of used clavichords may be found by clicking here  (bottom of this page).

Jeremy AdamsClavichords after Carmo
2A Putnam Court
Danvers, MA 01923
Gary BlaiseClavichords after Hubert, including the 1776 travel clavichord, early clavichords, pedal clavichords,
clavichord kits
314 12th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Owen DalyAll styles of clavichords, with special emphasis on mid-sized pairwise fretted instruments from the Iberian and Scandinavian traditions
557 Statesman St. NE
Salem, OR 97301
Robert Duffy17th century fretted clavichords and pedal
and manual clavichords after Gerstenberg
5718 Elaine St.
Indianapolis, IN 46224
317.293.1055 ; 317.637.5222
Keith Hill
Instrument Maker
Clavichords after J.H. Silbermann, Hubert, an anonymous Flemish instrument, and Hass. Also clavichords after Friederici, as well as original designs.
5641 Grannywhite Pike
Brentwood, TN 37027
Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc.Clavichords after Hass and Schiedmayer
P.O. Box 422
Wayland, MA 01718
508.358.0779; fax: 508.358.0779
Paul IrvinClavichords after Friederici, Hoffmann, Stein, Hass, Lindholm, Voit, Hubert, "Tosi,"
as well as original designs
3435 SE Raymond St.
Portland, OR 97202
Jacob F. Kaeser
Kaeser Instruments
Fretted clavichords after Hubert
and 17th-century models; unfretted clavichord
140 Bank Street
New London, CT 06320
Ed KottickAgent for Zuckermann Harpsichords. Clavichords based on North and Central German models
502 Larch Lane
Iowa City, IA 52245
Douglas Maple
Harpsichords and Clavichords
Fretted instruments after various models.
Unfretted instruments after Friederici and Hass.
P.O. Box 1163
Lemont, PA 16851
Jack PetersClavichords after numerous historical models
14330 Phinney Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98133
Steven SørliHarp clavichords [Click here for more details.]
425 Pratt Corner Road
Amherst, MA 01022
Kevin SpindlerFretted clavichords after Bermudo, Hubert, Pisaurensis, Tosi and instruments from the Heyer Collection in Leipzig. Unfretted clavichords after Hass, Hoffmann and others. Other designs by arrangement.
37 Bayview Avenue
Stonington, CT 06378
Steven Stone18th century unfretted clavichords
603 Suhill Road
Huntsville, AL 35802
Matthew SullenbrandClavichord after a 1784 Hubert

Byron John WillFretted clavichords after Hubert and
unfretted clavichords after Schiedmayer
3334 NE 19th Ave.
Portland, OR 97212
Allan Winkler
Clavichords after Schiedmayer;
other designs by arrangement
538 High Street
Medford, MA 02155-6729
Tom & Barbara WolfClavichords after J.H. Silbermann, Hoffmann, Schiedmayer, and after anonymous polygonal triple-fretted Smithsonian clavichord
6562 Main St.
The Plains, VA 20198
540.253.5430; fax: 540.253.5431
Charles WolffClavichords after anonymous S. German, Hubert, Schiedmayer, Voit; pedal clavichord
based on Gerstenberg; kits
48 Spring Lane
Canton, MA 02021
Zuckermann Harpsichords
Small double-fretted short-octave "King of Sweden" model; unfretted five-octave clavichord after 18th-century Central German models, kits, and clavichord after Hubert
65 Cutler Street, P.O. Box 151
Stonington, CT 06378
860.535.1717; fax: 860.535.3724
888.427.7723 (USA toll free)

Possible Sources of Used Clavichords
Claviers Baroques   •   Harpsichord Center    •    Harpsichord Clearing House
Paul Irvin   •    Jack Peters   •    Zuckermann Harpsichords International